ATTBLIME 3D Scanning Spray

3D Scanning Spray is used to matte the surface of parts before 3D scanning. Older methods would leave hard-to-clean residues. ATTBLIME developed a new generation sublimating scanning spray that does not leave residue, and as opposed to other scanning sprays available, does not contain titanium dioxide (TiO2), n-hexane or adamantine, often found on other scanning sprays like the AESUB 3D Scanning Spray line.

3D Scanning Spray

Shiny and transparent parts are difficult to measure with 3D scanners. Scanningspray allows to render the surface matte and consistant for the measurement. With a thickness of our few micros, scanning spray does not affect measurement accuracy. Vaniahing spray or self-sublimating spray is made out of human safe material and disappears in a few hours without leaving residue.