GOM ATOS Blue Light Scanners

GOM ATOS 3D Scanner target dots

The ATOS Scanners are industrial 3D scanners for inspection and quality control produced by GOM, a 3D scanner manufacturer based in Germany part of the Zeiss Industrial Metrology group. This blue light 3D scanner is highly capable in a wide range of applications, from small to large parts and on a variety of surface finish. GOM Scanners require the use of target dots (or reference markers) and scanning spray when the part is very shiny or transparent.

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About structured light 3D scanners

3D Scanners come in different types. Structured light scanners typically rely on white or blue light friges projected on the part to measure a point cloud. The measurement cameras also take care of orientating the scanner in 3D by detecting target dot stickers (or reference markers).

  • PROS

    Typically high accuracy

    Opportunity for automation

  • CONS

    Sensitive to vibration

    Steeper learning curve on some models

Target dots for structured light scanners

Structured light 3D scanners require dedicated target dots to measure components accurately. Each dot's position is triangulated by the scanner and allow each measurement to be stitched to the other for higher accuracy. The dot size depend on the resolution and field of view of the scanner. Feel free to reach out if you need help deciding what reference markers you need for your application.

Premium Reference Markers

Scanning Spray for structured light scanners

Shiny and transparent parts are difficult to measure with 3D scanners. Scanningspray allows to render the surface matte and consistant for the measurement. With a thickness of our few micros, scanning spray does not affect measurement accuracy. Vaniahing spray or self-sublimating spray is made out of human safe material and disappears in a few hours without leaving residue.