Target Dots for ZEISS T-Scan hawk

The ZEISS T-Scan hawk is a professional 3D scanner made by GOM, part of the ZEISS Industrial Metrology group. This metrology-grade 3D scanner is suitable for a wide number of industrial and engineering applications such as quality control, reverse engineering and product design.

About laser 3D scanners

3D Scanners come in different types. Handheld scanners typically rely on laser sources to measure points dynamically. The measurement cameras also take care of orientating the scanner in 3D by detecting retro-reflective target dots.

  • PROS

    Portable, easy to transport

    Quick to learn how to use

  • CONS

    Accuracy can be an issue

    Operators are required

Target dots for laser scanners

Handheld laser 3D scanners require dedicated target dots to measure components accurately. These dots have a special coating that make them retro-reflective. The light bounces back from the direction it comes and allow very short exposure for tracking cameras.

6mm Retro-Reflective Target Dots

Scanning Spray for laser scanners

Shiny and transparent parts are difficult to measure with 3D laser scanners. Scanningspray allows to render the surface matte and consistant for the measurement. With a thickness of our few micros, scanning spray does not affect measurement accuracy. Vaniahing spray or self-sublimating spray is made out of human safe material and disappears in a few hours without leaving residue.